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When you start the startup, you download a public part library and start using it. The parts library provides a wide range of content, which makes the world fantastic. It's too simple to use the. But when you use it for a while, it's too difficult to find the style in the library. Especially if the components used in the same project are generally uniform, repeat the same process. How much do you want to make your own parts library and put it together? Just take it straight and don't change it for your own project. Today, we'll do this.

Let's take a moment to complete the gorgeous turn from part consumer to component provider!

Step one: open the interface to the parts area


Click 【 create library. 】.


Step 2: create a part library file at the location you want
According to your needs, select the right location ( folder ) to create a named part library file ( *. Rplib ).
Whatever you want.


Step 3: creating a component
Just like the prototype, a new page, a page, a component.


A page corresponds to a component that can be used to distinguish between different types

Upload to a prototype using the parts library ( one part corresponding to a part diagram folder )


Fourth: saving


Step 5: calling the parts library that you make
In the parts library area, click load library.


Drag the build to the edit area to be happy with it.

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